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Referral Guide for L.I.T’s

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Hi Licensed Insolvency Trustees!

I hope your summer is all you’d hoped so far. Personally, I like to be in the sunshine as often as possible. Kayaking, walking or anything that gets me outside.

Speaking of getting outdoors, let’s discuss strategies. After all, exits don’t just happen without a plan.

When your Debtor is in a Consumer Proposal for five years paying monthly and awaiting the day their Creditors are finally paid so they can begin to rebuild their credit, they are wasting a lot of money. You know it’s true.

Not all Debtors are sophisticated enough to realize, but you know, living paycheck to paycheck leads to trouble. Payday loans, inability to afford the best deal on bulk groceries, high interest vehicle financing. It all adds up and it jeopardizes your Debtor’s potential success.

There should be a better way! Well, finally there is., through its affiliates, offers the CONSUMER PROPOSAL EXIT LOAN.

Rarely, if ever, has this been offered at fair interest rates with a winning plan until now.

We invite you to download and use our TOTAL PERSONAL INTEREST CALCULATOR (download button below) where you can modify the calculator to match your Debtor’s current circumstances and verify that this loan product will reduce their total interest immediately.